Tattoo Guide & Safety

Information on the reverse of individually packaged temporary tattoos :

Caution : Not suggested for use by people with sensitive skin


  1. Peel off paper back, put tattoo face down on skin
  2. Dab generously with water, press down for 30 seconds and wait.
  3. Lift corner to see if tattoo is releasing, if not re-wet and press down again.
  4. After removing backing paper you have a beautiful picture.
  5. How to remove, Peel off with any adhesive tape such as scotch tape (Do not wash off)

TPPTS's Handy Tips

We prefer these steps, which admittedly are much the same, however they are tried and tested with young children and work well.

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Tattoo Safety Information

All color inks comply with clause 4.3.5 paint and similar surface coating of astm f.963-95 of USA
Contains Ethyl Cellulse, Castor Oil , Pigment of D&C Red 7 FD&C Blue 1 FD&C Yellow 5 Black Iron Oxide.

Distributed by Oriental Trading Co
[Details available on request]