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  1. Sad news, and broken hearts

    As many of you will also have read, Wolfie sadly died on Sunday[31st July] in the early hours. We were with him until 1.24am but had nipped indoors to get food, a tiny bit of sleep and then hoped to head back out to be with him - Unfortunately in the 6hrs (aprx) we'd been indoors - he drifted off in his sleep.


    Please spare a thought for our states of mind at the moment and you will obviously understand that while we are continuing with our work - and obviously our care of the remaining four cats - we feel more than a little out of sorts and need time to refocus. Every little thing just now reminds us of him - after all, the logos are everywhere, his and all the others' images are our main "promotion material" etc so it's a time to re-focus and time to heal.

    Thank you for your support and custom.

    We'd love to hear from you - feel free to get in touch if you have anything on your mind - but please be considerate and gentle!