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At Handmade By Furwebs - every product listed for sale or displayed in galleries have been Handmade, Picked - Packed & Processed by one of the three of us. We have goods of all genres, gifts of all types and trinkets for all budgets.From Highly Scented Soy Wax Candles and Melts, to Knitted Cuddle Cushions, Cuddle Pals, Scarves, Earrings, Keycharms or even Catnip Toys - there is something for everyone and an ever growing range.

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Kitty , Kathy & Johnny

Knitted By KittyMumma offers a large selection of knitted Soft Toys, Scarves, Bags, Cushions, Cuddle Pals and Accessories

Maple Trail Wood Art offers a growing selection of hand tooled and painted Signage, Stationery Blocks, Desk Tidies, Cat Toys etc alongside sketches, papercraft and more

CauldronKitchen Soy Wax Creations - as the name suggests, offers a large and growing selection of scented Soy Wax Candles & Melts
Currently offering over 40 fragrances

Comfy Paws offers a range of loom and hand knitted goods, originally handwarmers of unique design - but new items such as scarves, bags, purses and patchwork throws have since taken presidence.